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And that’s all, folks!

16 Sep 2019 | News

Well, it happened, at last.
We’ve been much too silent for too long in the last 18 (and more) months, but we’ve never been chatty people.
Many things happened but even more did not, so this is not going to be a very short message.

More than a year and a half ago, our drummer Giacomo and keyboardist Valentino chose to quit the band, to pursue their own projects. With a lot of sadness but respecting their wishes, we’ve been searching for substitutes.
We’ve been lucky enough to be joined by keyboardist Gabriele Litrico (check him out, he’s an incredibly talented musician and an amazing man), but not lucky enough to find a suitable substitute on drums.
Ageing and dullness can wear your spirit out. We tried to stand still but we fell under the weight of personal lives, personal problems and more.
At last we decided it was time to stop beating the dead horse and let everyone free to move on, to pursue new projects and goals.
At least for now.

Ypnos project is going on an undetermined hiatus.

Davide, Marco and I have discussed and agreed together about this message, and we wanted to thank all the great people who’s been around the band through the years. We could try to tag and name everyone, but we will involuntarily miss someone. A few names must be done.
First of all, Gabriele, our last entry, the one who absolutely benefited less from being part of the band; we are totally sure that many other musician will enjoy your talent and your kindness, as we did. Thanks for believing and being patient.
Our former band members, Giacomo and Valentino; we’ve had a long trip together and created something beautiful. Also Jacopo, Tommy and Mizio who were here at the very beginning.
People who helped us along the way, with support and friendship, our beloved ones, there are too many to name.

I don’t think this message could get more boring than this, so I guess it’s time to say goodbye.
Thank you all.
An undetermined hiatus is not a final sentence, it’s like putting your old toys away, hoping to play once again someday.
We hug you all.

Chris, Marco, Davide.

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